Oracle Error Codes

Here you will find complete list of Oracle Error Messages:

ORA-00000 to ORA-00832

ORA-00910 to ORA-01497

ORA-01500 to ORA-02098

ORA-02140 to ORA-04099

ORA-04930 to ORA-07499

ORA-09870 to ORA-12100

ORA-07500 to ORA-09859

ORA-12150 to ORA-12236

ORA-12315 to ORA-12354

ORA-12400 to ORA-12497

ORA-12500 to ORA-12699

ORA-12700 to ORA-19380

ORA-19400 to ORA-24276

ORA-24280 to ORA-28674

ORA-29250 to ORA-32775

ORA-32800 to ORA-32848

ORA-33000 to ORA-37999

ORA-38029 to ORA-39962

ORA-40001 to ORA-40322

EXP-00000 to EXP-00107

IMP-00000 to IMP-00401

SQL*Loader-00100 to SQL*Loader-03120

KUP-00550 to KUP-11012

UDE-00001 to UDE-00053

UDI-00001 to UDI-00053

DBV-00200 to DBV-00200

NID-00001 to NID-00604

DGM-16900 to DGM-17007

LCD-00100 to LCD-00219

QSM-00501 to QSM-03120

OCI-00601 to OCI-31199

RMAN-00550 to RMAN-20507

LRM-00100 to LRM-00123

LFI-00002 to LFI-01523

PLS-00049 to PLS-01913

PLW-05000 to PLW-07204

AMD-00100 to AMD-00160

CLSR-00001 to CLSR-06507

CLSS-00001 to CLSS-03202

PROC-00001 to PROC-00106

PROT-00001 to PROT-00807

TNS-00000 to TNS-12699

NNC-00001 to NNC-00501

NNO-00050 to NNO-00854

NNL-00001 to NNL-01078

NPL-00100 to NPL-00420

NNF-00001 to NNF-04009

NMP-00001 to NMP-00011

NCR-00001 to NCR-04028

NZE-28750 to NZE-29249

O2F-00301 to O2F-00341

O2I-00101 to O2I-00133

O2U-00200 to O2U-00212

PCB-00001 to PCB-00903

PCC-00001 to PCC-01515

PCC-02010 to PCC-02451

SQL-01075 to SQL-02157

AUD-00611 to AUD-00809

IMG-00001 to IMG-02014

VID-00611 to VID-00721

DRG-10000 to DRG-52210

LPX-00000 to LPX-00773

LSX-00001 to LSX-00344